The Athens Archaeological Society (Η Εν Αθήναις Αρχαιολογική Εταιρεία)

Glas is one of the most important excavations of the Athens Archaeological Society since the mid-20th century AD. The citadel of Glas had been partially excavated (central enclosures) by T.A. de Ridder (1893) and I. Threpsiades (1955-1961), before the Athens Archaeological Society appointed Prof. Sp. Iakovidis director of the site in 1981. The exemplary publication by Sp. Iakovidis of earlier fieldwork and of his recent excavations (1981-1983, 1990-1991) in the Mycenaean citadel of Glas and the synthesis of archaeological, geoarchaeological, and historical evidence have established the form, function, organization, importance and uniqueness of this archaeological site. In 2010 the Athens Archaeological Society renewed extensive fieldwork at Glas under the directorship of Prof. Chr. Maggidis.


Dickinson College

Dickinson College has been continuously and generously funding fieldwork at Glas and Mycenae as well as providing technical equipment, support, and operational facilities for the excavation and geoprospection survey since 2002 (Mycenae) and 2010 (Glas); the college also maintains a summer field school at both sites (led by Prof. Chr. Maggidis), training undergraduate and graduate students on site (D.E.P.A.S.).


Institute for Aegean Prehistory

INSTAP started funding fieldwork at Glas in 2011 and has been providing vital technical support (team of specialists headed by Prof. A. Stamos and technical equipment) for the systematic geophysical survey (GPR) at Glas since 2010.



Exploration Geophysics Laboratory

The Exploration Geophysics Laboratory of the Geology Department, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, headed by Prof. G. Tsokas conducts the gradiometer survey and resistance mapping at Glas.