DIRECTOR (2010, 2011)

Christofilis Maggidis (B.A. Univ. of Athens, Ph.D. Univ. of Pennsylvania, Postdoctoral Brown Univ.); Chr. Roberts Chair, Associate Professor of Archaeology, Dickinson College; Assistant to the Director of Mycenae; Member of the Athens Archaeological Society (webpage)


SENIOR STAFF: Assistant archaeologists and specialists (2010, 2011)

Stamos, Antonia (Ph.D. Temple Univ., INSTAP Geoprospection specialist; Asst. Prof., American Univ. of Kuwait) Geoprospection supervisor, GPR specialist, field archaeologist (sector supervisor)

Anastassiathe, Maria (M.A. Bryn Mawr College; Adj. Prof., Dickinson College) Greek language instructor, budget officer

Burke, Ryan (professional photographer, website designer/manager)

Chrysanthe, Aggeliki (M.Sc. National Technical Univ. of Athens, Ph.D. candidate) Architect, illustrator/draftswoman

Ciarrocca, James (M.S. Univ. of Redlands; G.I.S. Specialist, Dickinson College) G.I.S. manager and geodesist

Dierckx, Heidi (Ph.D. Univ. of Pennsylvania; Assc. Prof., Elmira College) Lithics specialist, field archaeologist (sector supervisor)

Lachanas, Alexandros (Ph.D. Heidelberg Univ.) Field archaeologist (sector supervisor), ceramics specialist

Margaritis, Evi (Ph.D. Univ. of Cambridge; Leventis Fellow, British School at Athens) Archaeobotanist

Moutafi, Ioanna (Ph.D. candidate) Human Osteologist

Tillios, Angelos (Ph.D. Heidelberg Univ.) Field archaeologist (sector supervisor)

Tsokas, Gregorios (Prof. of Geophysics, School of Geology, Aristorelian Univ. of Thessaloniki, Greece; Director, Exploration Geophysics Laboratory) Geophysical supervisor, gradiometer and resistance mapping specialist

Artifact conservators (TBA)


JUNIOR STAFF (2010, 2011)

Cressotti, Francis (B.A. Dickinson College)

Cuneo, Allison (B.A. Dickinson College; Ph.D. candidate, Boston Univ.)

Danis, Jenn (B.A. Dickinson College; M.A. Duhram Univ.)

DeMarche, Erik (B.A. Dickinson College)

Fallu, Daniel (B.A. Dickinson College; Ph.D. candidate, Boston Univ.)

Hundtdort, Brooke (B.A. California State Univ. LB; M.A. Arizona State Univ.)

McCreery, Allyson (Ph.D. candidate, Temple Univ.)

Psichas, Adrianos (B.A. Univ. of Athens)

Smith, Jennifer (B.A. Dickinson College)

Staudter, Margaret (B.A. Dickinson College)

Zaleski, Sarah (B.A. Dickinson College; Ph.D. candidate, Mississippi State Univ.)